You Should Definitely Go to Cannon Mountain

One of my the last days this season was one of the best. We ventured off trail, hiked and skid the front side of Cannon Mountain. There is no marked trail to get to where we were, so there were not many people who had skid there. The snow was fresh and deep – and for a late season spring day, better than anything you can imagine. I definitely recommend Cannon to anyone who likes glades (tree trails), and an adventure because you can hike to secret spots! It’s almost hard to believe that conditions like this can be found in New Hampshire, and just a short drive away. Below are all my original photos from that day. To find out about how exactly we got to these trails – tweet at me @cassachusetts!







Franconia Notch





A little steep – way down there is the highway.





Admiring the view!





Tricky tree trails is where you’ll find the best snow.







So, yeah, you should probably go to Cannon. ASAP.





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