What’s it like to be an adventure blogger? Interview with Bucket List Publication blogger Lesley Carter

Although I have been blogging primarily about snowboarding and the snow sports industry, it’s regrettably the off-season, so I want to write about my passion for travel in general. It is a tough reality to handle that I won’t be on a mountain for a few months, but I can satisfy my craving for adventure through travel. This June, I will be driving cross-country from Seattle to Boston. I plan to blog every step of the way. In preparation for this, it was only natural for me to contact Lesley Carter, of whose blog I have followed for quite some time. Describing her as a avid traveler would be an understatement. Lesley has traveled to over 44 countries and has chronicled her travels each time she crosses another dream off her Bucket List. Below is an interview I had with Lesley. You may be wondering exactly why I contacted Lesley to interview. Well, I wanted to get a sense of what it’s like to be a travel blogger. I also just genuinely enjoy her blog and online magazine and wanted to get a sense of who was behind the keyboard. Be sure to check out her blog , of which has millions of views, and her online magazine. They will inspire you to travel and probably make you insanely jealous of her life.

Some of Lesley’s adventures, as shown on her blog: http://bucketlistpublications.org/2014/01/13/2014-bucket-list/bucket-list/

Q: Where, when or how did you first realize your passion for travel and adventure? 
Lesley Carter: Travel has been as much a part of my life as family and friends. I remember at 8 years old I wanted to travel to Ontario, Canada to see my aunt. I convinced my mother, after extensive research as an 8 year old, that I could fly on my own to Ontario. When she agreed, it changed my life. I have been traveling ever since. 
Q: This may be a broad question, but exactly HOW do you do all that you do? (Traveling, blogging, family).  

LC: It’s extremely difficult to find balance and every travel writer will tell you the same thing. I try to plan out my year first, including time for family, blogging, and travel. Then, I break that down into a month… scheduling no more than one international trip and time for both my husband and my daughter. The blogging part comes naturally. I love to write and never see it as work so it fits into the empty crevices fusing it all together

Q: This may be a tough one – what has been your favorite experience while crossing off items on the Bucket List?
LC: Doing aerobatics in a biplane over the Pacific Ocean with Biplane Fun has remained the number one bucket list item for the last two years. (That’s not including things like giving birth to my daughter or family related items.) I’ll never forget the natural high I got from spiraling to what seemed like an enviable death in the ocean. I’m in awe of Mike of Biplane Fun and his amazing talent in the sky. 
Q: What, if any, are the challenges you have been faced with as an travel/adventurist blogger? How did you overcome them?
LC: There are too many to include in a list; I’d be here all day. Money, balance, endless work, and not having a “real” job have all been part of the journey but I just took it all one day at a time. Learning SEO and ad sales was an entirely new world to me but I asked questions, studied from the best, and went through a lot of trial and error. We already talked about balance, which I still haven’t completely figured out and not having a “real” job is more of an ego thing that I needed to get over myself. 
Q: When you first started out with your blog, did you know how popular it would become? 
LC: I had no idea how popular it would be and I didn’t plan properly for it. I wish that I had of walked into it thinking it would be successful. I would have done things differently with naming and branding the site. I’m grateful for the way things have gone though and excited by the continued success. 
Q: Why did you and your husband decide to take the blog to new levels with the online magazine?
LC: The blog grew from a few hundred views a month to a few thousands and now over a million. We wanted to add to the possibilities. Managing both sites gives me more opportunities. 
Q: What is the best thing about blogging about travel and adventure?
LC: Everyday, I get to do what I love. Think about 2 things that you are most passionate about in the world; now imagine being able to do them daily. It’s unbelievable. I make my own schedule and I get to see places that I never imagined possible. It’s a dream… all of it.  
What is one of your biggest goals for the next year? 
LC: Visiting Africa; it’s been on my list for over a decade. It’s time I cross that one off. 
Q: Do you have any advice for a writer who also loves to travel and wants to combine the two?
LC: Connections make you successful. Respond to as many comments as humanly possible and make time for readers. They are the ones who keep your site going. You have to commit 100%. It takes a lot to make a blog successful in a sea of other blogs. The rewards, though, far outweigh the negatives. Write down your goals and figure out how to make them a reality. It is all possible!



So, there you have it! I am super excited to continue blogging my adventures. As I graduate college in two weeks, I will be embarking on a new adventure – “adult” life! I plan on having just as much fun as I did in college, but maybe mixing in a few more responsibilities. One thing I will really miss about college is being able to write so much. So, I plan on doing so with this blog. This is the perfect time to travel and have some more fun. Below is a neat infographic I found to be helpful, because it reassures me that I am not the online with the passion for exciting, new things.




As a side note, one of my favorite places to go on the web when looking for travel inspiration is Burton Girls. These girls are awesome because, of course, they focus on snowboarding. However, they blog about traveling to vacation destinations to tropical places as well as mountains. They include a lot of Bucket List-type posts, which I love. My over-all goal is to combine my love for snowboarding, writing and travel all into one blog. With the inspiration of Lesley, Burton Girls and many other blogs along the way, I hope to do so. 🙂


In case you didn’t catch the links throughout this post, be sure to follow Lesley on all accounts, you won’t regret it! –

Online Magazine: http://www.bucketlistpublications.com

Blog: http://bucketlistpublications.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BucketListPublicationsMagazine

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LesleyMCarter


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